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Orclands Metaverse
1 min readNov 24, 2023

We would like to share our insights on the upcoming steps for our project. Despite facing challenges, our development team remains steadfast in the commitment to relaunch in 2024.

To enhance our project, we plan to integrate Unity games alongside the Unreal Engine Battle Arena. It’s crucial to recognize that the Battle Arena remains our primary focus. The introduction of Unity games is aimed at diversifying gameplay styles and supporting Orclands project’s overall tokenomics.

Each Unity mini game that we launch will introduce a new token and will include free tier NFTs. It is important to note that although each Unity mini game will appear as an individual fun game to play where you can earn, the significance is each Unity game will contribute to the deflation and liquidity of the ORC token. Furthermore existing ORC NFTs are planned to be incorporated into Unity games as a part of Genesis program.

As we delve into the finer details and update our whitepaper, we will provide more comprehensive information.

However here is a sneak peak of our first mini game star — Baby Orc…

Devs- 💚

Baby Orc modeled raw in Unity



Orclands Metaverse

Orclands Metaverse is a 3D video game developed using Unreal Engine. Battle, Farm, Mine and Hunt in an immersive multiplayer online metaverse.