Orclands Resurrected — Phasing


Consult Phase

June 3rd — June 11th
- Open communication on re-launch plan.
- Discuss community concerns.
- Gather community feedback and inputs.
- Complete advisory and marketing inputs.
- Complete fair launch strategy planning.

Prepare Phase

June 11th — July 9th
- Return ORC tokens from staking pools.
- Close current ORC token trading, NFT minting.
- Issue token exchange information & process.
- ORC Resurrected token creation.
- Create new staking pools.

Freeze Phase

July 9th — July 30th
- Ready pre-sale IDO platform.
- Lock vesting schedule for tokens.
- Update website, socials, documentation.
- Ready Battle Arena for release.
- Pre-Sale Live 31st July.



Orclands Metaverse

Orclands Metaverse is a 3D video game developed using Unreal Engine. Battle, Farm, Mine and Hunt in an immersive multiplayer online metaverse.