Orclands Metaverse

Orclands Metaverse
2 min readJan 10, 2022


The Era of Mega -

For centuries Orclands was a place of peace.

The ancient dark forces that threatened the Orclands had been long ago banished by Drygo — Chief Warrior Orc.

The beat of war drums as they marched into battle but a distant memory.

Orclands Field NFT

The markets were plentiful with the supply from the fields.

The mountains, volcanos and swamp lands remained peaceful and dormant.

The Barracks remained empty as warriors had no need to take up arms.

Then in the passing of the fifth eon — came a new threat, a master Orc called Mega!

Mega set straight to breeding his villains: Swamp King — ruler of the swamps, Rat King — ruler of the markets, Dragon King — ruler of the volcanos and Ram King — ruler of the mountains.

Orclands Mega Orc — Villain

Mega has now waged war upon Orclands, his war drums can be heard from the far reaches of Swamp to Mountain lands.

Fellow Orc — it is up to you!

Raise up your Warrior Orcs; Command your Wizard and Priest Orcs to wield their power into battle.

Can you save Orclands from domination?



Orclands Metaverse

Orclands Metaverse is a 3D video game developed using Unreal Engine. Battle, Farm, Mine and Hunt in an immersive multiplayer online metaverse.